The 7 Pros and Cons of Using Work Pants: Should You Buy Them?

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Buying work pants is stupid.

At least, that’s what many people think about getting pants that cost 3 times the price of a pair of regular jeans.

I mean, why the hell should you waste that much money?

The thing is there’re a lot of advantages to buying work pants designed to specifically satisfy the needs of handymen and workers.

Which is why work pants are loved by MANY workers.

So, in order to help you know where you stand in this discussion, I did this article laying the pros and cons of going for a pair of work pants.

I hope it serves you…

The Pros of Getting a Pair of Work Pantsbest work pants for construction workers

1) Better Durability

“At least two years”

That’s what the salesman told me after I asked him how long would a given pair of regular Dickies work pants last.

I smiled to myself, bought the pants and left, never imagining he was being serious. I just thought he was exaggerating.

But, after one and a half years of using that same pair day in and day out I had to give it to him, those work pants really endured a lot!

This is what happens with work pants as they’re mostly made from durable fabric which is thick and designed to be used in situations that require a tough piece of clothing.

I mean, after a long work shift, the most frustrating thing in the world would be coming home to realize you ripped your jeans and have to run out and buy a new pair, right?

2) More Convenient

Isn’t wasting precious time of your day in looking for tools just awesome?

The answer is a big fat NO, right?

After all, having to continually walk back to wherever you set down your tools, especially under the blistering sun, isn’t only tiring but extremely inconvenient.

Instead, it’s a lot easier to store them in one of your pant’s pockets or loops and spend your time doing what you need to do: work.

Well, a great way for solving this is getting a pair of work pants with lots of pockets and loops.

Other pants (like jeans) you may buy are pretty much only designed to carry your wallet or phone around, but work pants are specially made to carry tools and whatever else a worker might need.

Better Technology

It’s the end of your work shift.

You worked for hours on end without rest, your legs ask for a break when you realize your pants are completely ruined.

You start swearing out loud to the fact that you’ll have to wash, dry and iron them.

Well, that’s one problem you won’t have with many work pants nifty features such as their wrinkle and stain-resistant fabrics that make them stay in a “as new” condition from months on end.

Fast-drying fabrics are part of many pants too, which means they won’t take hours in the drying machine to dry.

The Cons of Buying Work Pants

best work pants for construction workers

1) Price

Paying a lot for something you aren’t sure about is irritating.

Unfortunately, work pants are a little bit pricey, making you put out more money than you’re comfortable with.

However, as they’re pricey they’re durable.

These pants are made with such materials that even after a year of use, they should be good to go.

It’s up to you.

You can go for cheap jeans and hurtfully waste money, or go for quality and have the satisfaction of saving your bucks in the longer term!

2) Discomfort

I remember the time I wore my first pair of work pants.

They were made with a fabric so scratchy that I’d leave the construction site with my skin all sored.

BUT, this doesn’t really happen anymore. Nowadays, most work pants have many comfort features that prevent this.

For instance, the so-called “Cotton Duck”, a very famous fabric for work pants, is designed so that the longer you wear it, the more comfortable it gets (sort of like having to break in a new pair of shoes).

So, there’s nothing to worry about, given that you pick the right pair of course!

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