About Us

What is CleverHandyMen

CleverHandyMen.com is a website dedicated to making the life of tradesmen easier through valuable content. To achieve this, we built a team around researching and finding the solutions to the problems any regular workman might have to deal with. It doesn’t really matter what type of tradesman you are, you even can be an average joe trying to get into woodworking, in our site you’ll find the best advice you can get.


What do we do?

As explained before, we really take into consideration the quality of our articles. This is why we make sure to research as much as we can our context before even starting to write it. First, we gather as many question related to the article as possible. Then, we do EVERYTHING in our hands to answer those question, whether that be testing products, asking other workmen, or even going the traditional route and google the answers.

To be more specific, our articles take about 60 to 90 hours to write from the moment we start the research process until we hit the “Publish” button.

How do we make our articles?

1. Questions

We make a list of all the questions related to the topic we’re gonna write about. The aim here is to get an idea of what topics we should research

2. Research

We do the proper research, whatever time it takes. If we’re reviewing a product, we do all the tests necessary to give good-quality advice

3. Writing

Our team of contributors and writers carefully lay down the knowledge taken from the previous step. We try to be both informational and engaging

Are you trusty?

We are not paid by any specific brand to do a review, thus, we are not biased. Our income either comes for the Amazon Affiliates program (only the review articles) or internet ads. We are not paid if you buy a certain product, instead we get a small fee from ANY product you buy on Amazon after visiting our site. So, we don’t have a specific motivation to prioritise one product over the other, our main goal is to give the best advice.

Have any questions?

If you do, please don’t hesitate to visit our contact page and hit us with a message!