The 8 Types of Work Pants Available in The Market

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It’s 7 am, you wake up, have breakfast and get yourself ready to work.

You put on your work gear, and you don’t hesitate to grab those awful work pants filled with nasty holes you have laying around.

You know it’s time to get a new pair, BUT there’re so many options that you don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in, to help you find the best work pants for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a construction worker, a technician etc..

I made this easy-to-read article aiming to help you save time and energy by explaining all the different types of work pants and their features.

1) Cargo Pants

Lots of Pockets and Pouches

If something differentiates cargo pants is that they got tons of pockets and loops.

In case you know the tools need for work, you’ll be able to avoid countless trips to the toolbox thanks to them.

Essentially, this feature makes cargo pants extremely convenient for a construction worker who spends his day handling always the same variety of tools.

Loose Fit

Cargo pants are also famous for being a little looser in the waist, an attribute that makes them comfortable.

Anybody who works, not just construction workers, can relate to the discomfort of a tight waistband that keeps digging into your skin.

After a while, this makes it impossible to focus on anything else, let alone your work.

2) Double Knee Work Pants

best work pants for construction workers

Extra Fabric

A lot of workers spend their days bending down on their knees with pants that don’t have any kind of reinforcement, which is how they rip and wear down SO FAST in the knee area.

This situation ends up in workers having to their work pants every couple of months, which is not ideal in a financial point of view, right?

The thing is that the so-called “Double Knee Work Pants” have extra fabric exactly in that part, the knee, which guarantees they won’t rip apart so easily.

3) Cheap Jeans

Durable Fabric

Buying cheap jeans is the most common option for workers as they’re already made to be rugged and most likely appropriate for the construction site.

Their durable fabric makes the jeans last longer, saving the worker money (and a couple of headaches) meanwhile.

I mean, with jeans you won’t have to worry about replacing them every couple of months just because the material has worn down too much or ripped beyond repair, which, I think is one of the reasons they’re so demanded.


They got the advantage of being as comfortable as your everyday jeans, just as a pair of jeans would feel while you’re out and about, but now at the construction site.

Oh, and they’ll look good too!

4) Carpenter Pants

Flexible and Durable Material

Carpenter pants are made with a very flexible and durable type of material.

Since being a tradesman often means constant physical movement, it’s important to have a pair of work pants that adapt to whatever position you need them to always maintain a great level of comfort.

Not to mention, this fabric is one of the most durable types I’ve seen and lasts much longer since it won’t rip or tear as easily as the rest.

Extra Space

They also have a nice feature of extra space (similar to the cargo pants).

These added pockets, pouches, and loops work well for storing essential tools and eliminating the need of constantly having to walk back and forth between your spot and the toolbox.

Great, right?

5) Canvas Pants

Stain & Wrinkle Resistant Fabric

Your work can be messy and there’s hardly a day when your clothing doesn’t leave without a new stain, right?

Well then it might seem that the famous “Canvas” work pants might be your solution as they’re made with a stain and wrinkle resistant fabric.

So, thanks to this kind of material, that awful ritual of you washing your work every day after work pants can be eliminated and you won’t have to worry about ironing them quite as much neither!

6) Cordura Pants

Difficult to Tear Apart

Cordura pants are known between workers for being made from, well, Cordura material.

These type of work pants have earned a reputation for using this material as its main component, making its hole structure durable and difficult to tear apart.

So it’s almost a guarantee that if you get these pants the frustration of frequently having to replace your work pants will be gone, and at the end of the day you’ll have pants that you can count on for reliability!

7) Dungarees

Thick Weave Cotton Fabric

For workers who spend their days bending down, stretching and just generally wearing out their pants, a “tough” pair of work pants that can handle this kind of use becomes essential.

After all, it’s just not worth it to have to frustratingly replace your work pants on a month-by-month basis, right?

Well, in that case Dungarees can be a rational option.

Their thick weave cotton fabric makes their structure stronger and as a result the pants last longer.

Wide Leg Openings

If it wasn’t enough, they also have a wide leg opening that’ll fit easily over any given pair of work boots.

If you’ve ever had a pair of pants that won’t fit over your boots THEN YOU KNOW of the discomfort and the general feeling of your pants just not fitting the way they should.

Therefore, with these Dungarees this discomfort won’t be an issue as the wider leg opening will fit over pretty much any kind of work boots that you need them to, saving you a great deal of irritation.

8) Painter Pants

Pockets, Loops and Pouches

Painter pants have lots of pockets, pouches, and loops, similar to the carpenter or cargo pants, and are generally known to be great for storing and protecting tools.

Pretty much any kind of work pants will have some room for storing tools but the difference here is that you can store ANY KIND of tools, even the larger ones.

For instance, a hammer could easily slide into a loop or a pocket for easy access.

There’s no longer any reason to keep running back and forth between the tool box and your work location or having to place them on the ground when they can fit perfectly into a back pocket or a pouch.

Hi, I’m John Smith, a proud husband, and father of two little beautiful girls. After a long time of thinking I made up my mind to build a website around my passion.. helping people who need smart advice from handymen with years of experience.

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