How to Relieve Back Pain With This 6 Easy Tips

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Over my years as a construction worker, I’ve heard many friends at the construction site nagging about their back pains.

I did have my fair share of back pain as a result of my profession, which is why with the pass of time I developed a list of tips on how to remove my back pain naturally without the necessity of something external that might, at the end, do harm to my body in the long term.

So, in this article, I’m gonna share 6 tips I always follow to prevent and completely remove my back pain.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. This not constitutes medical advice, it’s strictly based on my experience. Please consult a doctor when you get these types of pains).

1) Lift Properly

best work pants for construction workersFirst, you should learn how to lift things properly.

The way I learned was to bend your knees and squat when picking up a heavy object since this puts less strain on your muscles, and, thanks to that, I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in pain since doing this technique.

2) Build Muscle and Be Healthy

best work pants for construction workersBeing healthy is essential to living longer, but also it’s more than vital for the average tradesman since our work is typically physical.

I’ve found that hitting the gym and sticking to a good diet has not only prevented injuries that could happen during the workday but has also helped me build my muscles up as well.

3) Sit Properly

I remember the first time I spoke with a chiropractor, he was pounding around the topic of how important was to sit properly and how much benefits I would get in terms of my back pain if I learned to sit correctly.

At the beginning, I wasn’t certain about how essential this was to my back, but with the pass of time, every benefit he told me became a reality.

Specifically, he told me not to cross my legs and to place a rolled up towel between my lower back and the chair as well as use a footrest if the chair was too high.

So far, I’ve noticed that sitting properly really does significantly reduce pain.

4) Don’t Sleep on Your Back

Most of us have really bad habits when it comes to sleeping.

One of the most common between tradesmen who suffer from back pain is that they sleep on their backs–something I used to do too.

The problem though is that by doing this, you just end up putting more pressure on your back muscles and waking up with pain.

Not to mention, the longer it goes on, the more this poor sleep will start to affect your performance at work.

5) Use a Back Brace

best work pants for construction workersThere’re many times in our lives when we just need to recur to external solutions in order to ease our pains. This is the case with back pain and back braces.

As for how to relieve back pain with a back brace, it will take the pressure off your back and compress the muscles for pain relief. Plus, back braces also improve posture so you won’t end up with long-term health consequences.

6) Always Consult a Doctor

best work pants for construction workersAlways Going to a doctor and consulting with him is the best idea you should follow, especially if the back pain increments or gets worse with the pass of time.

After all, I’m a construction worker–not a doctor–and the only information I can give you is what has worked for relieving my back pain on the job.

I recommend going to see a doctor and getting his opinion before trying any of these other solutions.

Hi, I’m John Smith, a proud husband, and father of two little beautiful girls. After a long time of thinking I made up my mind to build a website around my passion.. helping people who need smart advice from handymen with years of experience.

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